About CPA


Cloud Practice Accounting is total CPA practice management software to enhance your firm's workflow efficiency and productivity. Cloud Practice Accounting is a best in class software-as-a-service platform that offers you a file sharing system, a customer relationship management platform, and project management software all in one application. Built with CPAs for CPAs, the Cloud Practice Accounting productivity suite solves several critical business issues for Certified Public Accountants and Business Advisors alike.

Cloud Practice Accounting began as the answer to the questions:

  • How can my firm drive more organic growth by better managing potential new clients?
  • How do I escape the grind and charge for the work my firm produces and not the hours billed?
  • What's the best way to manage clients after partners leave or retire?
  • How can I best delegate, leverage, and supervise work being done in the most efficient manner?
  • How can I add a strong support system for my staff and leverage work to increase client billings?

Control your Accounting Practice

Cloud Practice Accounting emerged as the answer to these questions, giving you and your accounting firm unbridled control and insight into your organization, the likes of which have yet to be produced from a SaaS platform on the market. Cloud Practice is the ultimate answer to running a full-service Accounting Firm. This one of a kind CRM, Cloud Practice Accounting, offers you benefits that other CRMs can't offer including:

  • Efficiently Track Valuable Leads
  • Elimination of Printed Routing Sheets
  • Easy Remote Employee Management
  • Seamlessly Integrate with Xero

A Better Accounting CRM

Cloud Practice Accounting was created to fill a gaping void in the Accounting CRM marketplace. The Goal: to create a software as a service that gives accounting firms complete control of the new client cycle from lead to signed engagement.

You can now gain access to the only cloud CRM that allows accounting firms to track leads, discoveries, and opportunities, effectively, combining the cutting-edge software with power visualizations.

Cloud Practice Accounting is the only software your Accounting Firm will ever need.

Enhance your Accounting Firm’s Growth Rate Today!
Introducing invoicing, accounting, and project management capabilities in one convenient cloud accounting software platform right at your fingertips.