Complete Sales Pipeline Management 

Cloud Practice Accounting offers accounting firms a complete sales management solution built into a practice management software.  

Lead Management 

Capture leads, record lead sources and providers, and calculate sales closure success probability. 

Contact Management  

Keep all your company contacts centrally located and designate primary contacts to quickly find decision makers. 

Account Management  

Effortlessly view all company deals, and instantly convert Statements of Work into engagement documents.  

Proven Sales Methodology Framework 

The only practice management software to provide a proven sales framework, offering expert driven sales cycle support from qualification to close.

Insightful Business Intelligence 

The future can be a bright and hopeful place when you can have fast, accurate business intelligence you can rely on. 


Capture real-time analytics on how each company in your enterprise is performing. Cloud Practice Accounting gives you the power to produce sales pipelines, sales cycle reports, cash flow analysis, and scheduling reports.   



A customizable dashboard gives you a clear and concise view of all action taking place across your accounting firm. Change your view to focus on one department, location, or across multiple business enterprises. 

Project Management  

From creating projects and assigning individual steps in the project workflow, you’ll empower your staff to be more productive without needing to add to the headcount. 

Shared Enterprise Resources  

Assign and reassign work across separate business entities and share all company data for true collaboration.  

Enhanced Discovery Process 

Cloud Practice Discovery provides the critical insight necessary to develop leads into fully developed clients. 

Scope Management 

Cloud Practice offers an intelligent scope definition, ensuring that your projects are more profitable by starting every single one off on the right foot. 

Efficient Workflow Process

Xero Integration  

Fully integrated application that connects with Xero small business accounting software effortlessly.  

Business Process Management 

Cloud Practice manages your business processes from lead down to finalizing the very last task in your client's project. 

CFO Management & Approvals  

Ensure that a time spent is time paid, with financial controls that restrict release of work until engagement is signed and the project has been funded.  

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