How It Works


Cloud Practice Accounting is an Accounting Firm Practice Management Software designed to enhance the overall capabilities of your accounting firm by integrating all the necessary facets of a successful firm into one: sales and marketing capabilities, invoicing, engagements, and financial management.  

Here's how it works: 

Cloud Practice Accounting is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform which means that your entire CRM is housed on the cloud, giving your entire staff access to the data they need from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop machine, anywhere with an internet connection. Simply log-in and you're ready to get to work.  


Potential clients showing an interest in your products or services are placed into Cloud Practice Accounting as Leads. Leads capture both company and specific contact information including lead sources and lead providers, as well as RFP indication.  

Once a lead is placed in the Cloud Practice Accounting CRM your team can immediately email or attach notes and documents to the account, so everything is in one, easy to find place. 


By transferring a potential lead into the Opportunity phase of the Cloud Practice Accounting Pipeline, you'll be able to do deep dives with customized customer interviews in order to ascertain whether your company can help a potential client. If after a basic interview, the customer is determined to be a good fit for your firm, it's time to transfer them to the Discovery phase which leads to more in-depth Q&A.     


As a Discovery phase lead, Cloud Practice Accounting houses Q&A questions that you can use to immediately begin scoring the client based on their probability of closing. With a customizable Q&A Score Card, you can give your sales force the power to draw upon a preset list of qualifying questions targeted towards important information such as budget, authority, need, time frame, and more.  

The Discovery Process allows you to also add services to a client account and print a Statement of Work (SOW), all based on services and prices you've already predetermined. You'll also be able to identify any missing information needed to create a customized accounting quote. The Diary function tracks all notes and activity for each account, so there will never be a question as to what a client needs or where they are in your on-boarding process. The Discovery features offer the ability to assign different engagement and entity types and to place an overall value to the client in addition to estimated closing dates.  


Cloud Practice Accounting's unique closure probability feature will then automatically assign a score and probability of closure and suggest a next step based on these numbers. Your CRM may suggest that the lead you are screening may not be a good fit for your firm, or that you move forward to the Quote phase of the client on-boarding process.  

As your leads progress through the sales and marketing process, your options become more numerous. Once a lead is transferred to Quote, a downloadable quote is available which includes the ability to value price items and toggle line item prices so that you control what your potential client sees.

When moved to Quote, your appointed accounting staff will be able to prepare, download/print, and send engagements to your new client.


Preparing engagements has never been easier or more streamlined than with Cloud Practice Accounting. Simply choose basic information about how and when you want to be paid, your engagement period time frame, and any other payment options you wish to offer, and your Engagement is created.


The next step in the Cloud Practice Accounting pipeline is the Finance section where one or more members of your team can approve client discounts and engagements, two significant actions take place when clients enter the Finance stage: tasks are created based on services selected at earlier stages in the pipeline, and they are then available for scheduling to specific staff members. Account receivable records are also created based on selected payment terms. These records can be exported to Xero or other financial systems.  


Once your finance terms are approved, your new client is ready to be transferred to scheduling. Cloud Practice Accounting's Scheduling is a world-class method of process service automation that allows client needs to be broken up into individual tasks and divided among different staff members for follow-up and completion.

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Cloud Practice Accounting is unique in that the cloud software integrates all mission-critical systems into one software package. No more switching in an out of non-compatible software, no more waiting for files and having to ask where a client file is located. Contact us for more information or to request a demo to find out how Cloud Practice Accounting can enhance your firm.  

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